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Laquoir Curable Lacquer.

The simple, fast and damage free manicure for natural nails.

Why is Laquoir different to old gel systems?
Laquoir is a new type of nail coating called curable lacquer. Just cure 2 coats of Laquoir onto clean, dry nails and you're done. Old gel systems require base coats & top coats, multiple curing steps and a top coat and a cleansing step?! Unlike old gel systems, Laquoir is as easy to apply as nail polish and simple and fast to remove.

Do you need a base coat?
No. Laquoir adheres beautifully to natural nails, acrylics and other gels WITHOUT a base coat. If you’re applying Laquoir over other products, it’s important the systems are completely cured and dried before applying Laquoir. Clean dry nails and a single bottle of Laquoir is all you need.

Do you need a top coat?
No. Laquoir colours cure to a high gloss finish. If you think the colours require an even greater shine, apply a single coat of Laquoir Éclat Scandaleux Top Coat and cure for 2 minutes. Fluoro colours benefit from a top coat to give them a fantastically glossy finish however for most colours, a top coat is not usually required.

Do you need to wipe or cleanse the top coat?
No. The Laquoir colours and the Laquoir Éclat Scandaleux Top Coat do not require any further cleansing. All the Laquoir products cure to a wonderful high gloss finish. No sticky, tacky surface or extra steps, once Laquoir is cured, you're done.

No base coat, no top coat? What do you need?
Just a bottle of Laquoir colour and a Laquoir lamp. There are no "starter kits" loaded with products or compulsory training courses with Laquoir. We know you can do fabulous manicures already, all you need now is a product system that is simple, fast and safe. All you need is to hear the "Wow!" from your clients when you remove Laquoir for the first time.

Can I use my existing gel lamp?
No. Laquoir uses a specific formula requiring specific diodes that are uncommon in lamps used by other systems. Laquoir has been extensively tested to ensure thorough curing with the Laquoir lamp. To get the best results and ensure thorough and proper curing of Laquoir, it is recommended to use the Laquoir lamp and follow the Laquoir procedure.

I have made a mistake in the middle of the manicure! Do I have to start again?
No! Laquoir is super easy to repair. Unlike old gel systems where a mistake means 15 more minutes and buffing, filing, scraping etc etc, simply soak the problem nail for 2 minutes, wipe away the problem and a fresh clean nail is ready for more Laquoir. Simple.

How long does Laquoir last?

Laquoir will remain on your nails until you remove it. Applied correctly, you should enjoy 2 to 3 weeks of a beautiful chip free manicure before your nails start to grow out.

How do you remove Laquoir?
Unlike old gel systems, Laquoir removes incredibly quickly by soaking your nails in acetone or gel nail polish remover and will even remove with regular nail polish remover. For the fastest removal, soak a swab in acetone or gel nail remover and hold directly onto the Laquoir for 2 minutes. No heat, foils, lamps or drills are required. Laquoir just crinkles up and wipes away. Acetone based nail polish remover and Acetone Free nail polish remover will also remove Laquoir however the process will take slightly longer.

Does Laquoir cause any damage to the natural nail?
No. Removing Laquoir is very different to removing old gel systems because there is no nail damage after removing Laquoir. When you remove Laquoir, you will find your nails are in perfect condition and ready for another manicure. This means Laquoir is perfect for quick colour changes or a quick fix.

Can Laquoir be used over traditional gel or acrylic?
Yes. Please be aware though that removing Laquoir that has been applied over other artificial nail and colour systems will damage the underlying systems.

How may applications are there in each Laquoir bottle?
Each 10 ml bottle will deliver 20 full sets of nails.

Do you need more top coat to make it shiny?
No. The Laquoir colours and Laquoir Éclat Scandaleux Top Coat all cure to a superb gloss. Extra gloss can be applied with additional top coat if you need it.

How do you prepare the nails?
Use a nail cleanser to remove all the grease and dirt from your nails. Laquoir does not need the nails to be buffed, soaked, etched or primed with acid to get it to stay on your nails. Just like preparing for nail polish, if the nails are clean and dry, they are ready for Laquoir!

Is the Laquoir remover drying to the nails and skin?
No. Properly formulated removers contain a careful balance of acetone and moisturisers to prevent skin whitening. If the remover is whitening your skin, consider an alternative.

How many colours are there?
Laquoir launched with 60 shades and the Éclat Scandaleux Top Coat. More colour launches will follow in the very near future. 

Do I need to shake or invert the bottle prior to use?
No. Laquoir remains in suspension and does not need to be inverted to keep the polish mixed.

Do I need to add polish thinner?
No. Laquoir remains fresh and will not get gluggy in the bottle. It is always ready to apply and perform. If the cap is not applied tightly after use, if the cap is left off the bottle for prolonged periods and the formula dries out or if the bottle is left in direct sunlight or extreme heat, it may become thicker and harder to use. A couple of drops of properly formulated nail polish thinner (NOT NAIL POLISH REMOVER!) mixed well into the formula will return it to its perfect state.

Is the Laquoir lamp certified to Australian electrical safety standards?
Yes. The lamp has a power supply that is certified to Australian standards.

How do you use the Laquoir lamp?
The Laquoir lamp has an automatic sensor that turns on the LED lights when a hand enters the lamp. Ensure all the nails are inside the lamp and receiving direct light contact and wait until the lights turn off after 120 seconds. If you think your nails need more time, simply put your nails back under the lights for another 30 seconds.

What are all these buttons on the back of the lamp?

The Laquoir lamp has additional buttons for shorter curing periods on the back of the lamp. These settings may also lower the light intensity therefore they are not recommended for use when curing Laquoir. The lamp has an automatic sensor that turns on the LED lights when a hand enters the lamp. If you think your nails need more time, simply put your nails back under the lamp lights for another 30 seconds.

What if I have trouble getting these products to stay on nails?
Some nail types require extra help to get nail coatings to adhere well. Laquoir Bond is the answer. Apply a thin coat of Laquoir Bond to the clean dry nails before you apply the first coat of colour and let it dry. It does not need to be cured, simply let it air dry for 30 seconds. Do not touch it to see if it is dry! Laquoir Bond forms a super sticky coating to help the Laquoir stick on the nail for even longer. And you can use it for polish, acrylics and gels too!

How do I make Laquoir wear even longer?
Laquoir delivers a fabulous long wear manicure on its own. If you would like it to last even longer, there are 2 extra steps to help:

1. Use the Laquoir Bond before applying the first coat of Laquoir colour.

2. Use the Laquoir Éclat Scandaleux Top Coat over the second coat of colour.

Laquoir colour on its own should last at least 2 weeks.

If you add just the Laquoir Bond OR the Éclat Scandaleux Top Coat to the manicure, it will last longer still*.

If you add BOTH the Laquoir Bond AND the Éclat Scandaleux Top Coat, the manicure will last the longest*.

* All good things take time and with Laquoir, great wear means manicures with added Bond and Top Coat may take longer to remove than just Laquoir colour.

What if I see wrinkles on the edges of the nail painted with Laquoir?
If your Laquoir colour is wrinkling at the edges too much product has been applied and the coating of Laquoir is too thick. To fix the situation, simply remove the coat with the wrinkles (after all it's just 2 minutes) and reapply a thinner coat before curing again. 

What if I get Laquoir on my skin or cuticles?
Avoid contact of the uncured product with skin and cuticles. Apply the product carefully to avoid any skin or cuticle contact. Do not cure product which is on skin or cuticles. Wipe away any product that is in contact with skin and cuticles with acetone or another suitable remover. If any uncured product remains in contact with skin then irritation may occur.

What if my skin shows signs of irritation with this product?
Discontinue using the product immediately. Some skin types do not tolerate different types of nail coatings. Applied correctly and fully cured, Laquoir has been shown not to cause irritation however if any irritation occurs using Laquoir, discontinue use. It is important that the product is applied correctly and fully cured. Uncured product is the most common cause of nail product irritation. Make sure the correct lamp is used and the correct procedure is followed to get thorough curing of Laquoir.